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Dupont Magazine May/June 1992

"Artist-Printmaker Dennis Curry details African wildlife using Mylar file and Dupont Howson Printing plates."  Read more...


InformArt Nov/Dec 1991

"Hauntingly Beautiful Africa"
by Pam Dean-Cable

"What would we be willing to do to feed and clothe our loved ones?  Kill the last eagle?  The last whale?  The issues involved in this scenario are complex and far-reaching but so are the opportunities to become involved in solving some of the problems..." Read more...


Safari Journal

"In and Out of Africa with Dennis Curry"
by Dennis Curry and Don Monkerud

"As we climb into the crater highlands of northern Tanzania, huge lichen-covered trees loom out of the mists that engulf the rim..."  Read more...


US Art September 1998

"Original Work"
by Jennifer Amie

"Although original lithographs may not always seem much different than photo-offset reproductions, the way they are made sets them apart."  Read more...


Wildlife Art News Nov/Dec 1993

"Ask typical collectors of wildlife prints why they are attracted to a particular image, and almost invariably they will tell you about their interest in the species of bird or mammal depicted..." Read more...  

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Wildlife Art March/April 2002

"The appeal of Africa is undeniable.  Contemporary wildlife artists offer their impressions of this vast continent..."  Read more...


US Art May 2001

"Original graphics are a natural step up the art-collecting ladder for buyers of offset reproductions and digital prints."  Read more...



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