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Susan Tate ~ I see a cheetah that I don't have. I have Duma (color), Cheetahs of Samburu, and Mother and Cub. You are an amazing artist and I look forward to purchasing more of your wonderful work.

Barbara R. ~ This is great, Dennis. I liked how easy it was to view your art.

Elaine Evans ~ I started buying work by Dennis Curry in the 1970's and then had the pleasure of meeting this fine and gentle man in 1978. He subsequently became a treasured friend. I greatly admire his artistry and am the proud and appreciative owner of many of his works including owls, raccoons, lion cubs, zebras, leopards, the lioness Elsa, and a lynx, a lovely early work. Dennis is always coming up with something new and inspiring which reflects his great respect for animals and nature. His output affords me and my family a daily fix on beauty.
How wonderful to see this website with Mr. Curry's work. I have the pleasure of owning his work and enjoy it every day.

Colorado Springs fans of Curry art ~ We first learned of Dennis Curry in 1975 when we purchased "Paired and Proud" at an art auction. Since then, we have added five more prints to our collection. We hope one day he will make a visit, or have a showing in Colorado! We just came across this website, and we see he continues to amaze us with his talent. This will not be our last visit to this website. We have passed our love of Dennis Curry's art on to our grown children.

Cash ~ I love your web site. years ago, I bought several pieces by Dennis Curry. they are still my favorites. this is the first time I have seen his other works in years.
kayleigh ~ hi ya in art at school i have to choose an artist to do my final piece on i have chosen animals and u ure picture are very lifelike and i particually like that elephants
Kurtis and Sue Sutley ~ Sue and I have collected your fantastic art for 25 years. (We started with your "Owl" and have nine others.) Hope someday to find a gallery nearby. Our last piece was "Cathedral of the Elephants". Our pride and joy is "Morning Hunt". The "Snow Leopard" has always hung in the living room. "Duma" will be next when we can find her.
R&M Ward ~ These are definitely the best African prints on the market today. We get soooo many compliments on ours. Keep up the great work, you are the best in the business.
R & B Wolf ~ The detail of your work truly captures the beauty and spirit of the glorious animals you portray. Elephant's Child is my husband's favorite brag piece when sharing our collection with guests; he's quick to share that even though there is a photo-like quality to the piece it's the exquisite detail of your work we enjoy.
~ Jack Rogers ~ Good morning Dennis and Vivian, I wanted to take a break so I hopped onto your website to see what's new.  I hope things are going well for you. I've been watching for any shows that you may be attending up here in the Pacific Northwest. I am hoping to add a few pieces to my collection soon. Take care.
Ellen M. Perry Sitka, Alaska ~ I love your work & am proud to own the piece I do. I am very much into nature & all it has to offer in beauty-scenery & wildlife. You do some beautiful work. Thank you