Proof Set




"Hanging Around"

A fourteen plate original Mylar lithograph by

by Dennis Curry

"Hanging Around" was created using a printing process called Mylar lithography. The drawing is done on a material call Mylar, a very stable translucent drawing film developed for doing drawings and plans requiring great accuracy and close tolerance.

The lithographic plate is made by contact printing the drawing to the plate with light. The plate is then mounted on the press and printing begins. After registering, the color is adjusted to produce the most satisfying results and then printed on the entire edition.

Each drawing is carried to the paper in this same way until the artist is satisfied with the result.

In creating a truly original print, the artist does not begin with a fully realized image but creates it one step at a time, first drawing each plate, then printing that plate in the appropriate color to finally achieve completion of the work. The edition is then considered a multiple original work of art very different from a reproduction or copy..